Saturday, 28 September 2013

Baby Lips - The Hype

Baby Lips, Are They Worth The Hype?

Baby Lips, a product from the make-up brand Maybelline has been what everyone's talking about in the beauty world lately. After watching and reading review after review on the product, I had to of course try it out for myself. People were gushing about the product, something in which I just couldn't understand, I mean it's just a lip balm, right? What could be so special?
I was out shopping with my friend when we wandered into Boots, a shop that's a must to visit when out and about. We were checking out the Maybelline counter (Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands) when we noticed a deal on Babylips; buy one get the second half price. Me and my friend both picked one up and split the total cost. Now I was going to find out what all the hype was about for myself.

I picked up my Baby Lips in the colour 'Cherry Me'. Not only was the packaging orange, my favourite
colour but it was also in the scent cherry, you 
guessed it, my favourite scent. My friend decided on 'Pink Punch' a lovely pink, giving a sheer pink tinge to the lips. Out of all the tinted Baby Lips I'd definitely say 'Cherry Me' has the best colour pay off. It gives a rich dark pink/red colour to the lips and stays visible for the most part of the day.

Swatch of 'Cherry Me'
As soon as I came home from shopping I took of my lip stain that I had been wearing that day and applied my Baby Lips. I was pleasantly surprised by the fruit cherry scent. As I applied the lip balm to my lips it was luxurious! The product is so soft and creamy leaving my lips to feel like feathers. If the moisturizing side to the product wasn't enough my lips now had a dark cherry colour to them, not to bold but not subtle at all either.
I was so happy with my first application but wasn't about to rave about them just yet, it still had to go through another test; how long it lasted.

To give you a clear understanding of how long my Baby Lips lasted I'll give you an example. School lasts seven hours. I applied my baby lips in the morning along with my daily make-up routine. I popped the lip balm in my bag and headed of to school. Keeping a close eye on my lips I only noticed colour starting to fade after lunch, so that's a whole five hours before I had to re-apply. And only the colour had gone, my lips were still fully moisturized. I was very impressed as it had held through many drinks of water from my bottle and a snack at break.

The Verdict
For £2.99 these lip balm tints are a bargain and a must have! I now fully understand why the beauty community hasn't stopped talking about this product. Maybelline have yet again produced a high quality yet affordable product which gives a high pay-off colour to the lips whilst hydrating and moisturizing them. The packaging is sleek and simple with well thought out complimentary colours.

If you are looking to buy some Baby Lips in the near future and live in the UK, definitely check out Boots buy one get the second one half price deal which is currently still on or if their isn't a Boots near you check out Superdrug who are now sporting the exact same deal!

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Camera used: Fujifilm digital camera FinePix S3200