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Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review


Recently Avon launched their new mascara; Mega Effects Mascara. I was instantly intrigued by it because first of all the packaging is unlike any other mascara I've seen on the market. It's a short, small and flat tube unlike the usual tall, skinny and round tubes. Although it is a lot smaller than other mascaras, it holds 9ml which on average is the amount of mascara regular tubes hold. 

Another thing which is original and unique about this mascara is the handle. It has a thumb indented grip and it can bend backwards and forwards so it fits just right in your hand. 

The mascara brush is completely different to what I've ever seen. It is flat and only has bristles on the very end of the brush, unlike the usual mascara wands in which have bristles completely covering it. The bottom of the tube has bristles which vacuum pack the brush in, having such a tight opening is supposed to stop the mascara from drying out as it hardly lets anything past it. 

For application the brush is not used so it applies the mascara horizontally, instead you use the brush to apply the mascara vertically which allows each and every eyelash to be coated. 

The Result and Overview

The mascara does a great job in lengthening the eyelashes, although it lacks in the volumizing department. I feel that the brush picks up a lot of product, so I prefer to only apply one coat (which is all you only really need) otherwise your eyelashes become clumpy. 
I do prefer the brush applicator in comparison to normal mascara wands as it captures every single eyelash, even the teeny weeny ones and lengthens them so much so, that they are no longer teeny weeny. The brush is also perfect for the bottom eyelashes, that's what I especially like about it. Because it can bend, you can angle it to a certain position which allows you to coat the lower lashes without getting the mascara imprinting on your skin. 
The packaging (the shape and size of the tube) I like as it is small and compact and takes up a lot less room in my makeup bag. You could easily slip this into your bag and as its more bulkier it feels more protected. The vacuum seal 'keeps the product from drying out' I don't know if this quote will follow through or not as I haven't had the product long enough for it to start drying out but it seems like it could be true as the seal is so secure. The only problem with it being so tight though, is that you have to tug quite hard on the applicator to get it out.

Overall, I would recommend this mascara to a friend as it truly lengthens the eyelashes and does a good job in separating them. The mascara is sold at 10 pounds and I believe that that is a reasonable price for what the product does. You can purchase the mascara from a Avon catalogue or if you don't have a Avon representative nearby their website is
For anyone who lives close by Musselburgh, Scotland and is looking for a Avon Representative then my sister, Robyn has recently started working as a Avon Representative. Definitely check out her facebook page and feel free to ask her any of your questions on products or ordering and delivery.

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