Sunday, 6 July 2014

Favourite Highlighters

It's been a long time m'lovlies and I'm not too sure why. Exams and revision played a big part in kidnapping me and disconnecting me from my blog but apart from that I guess I lulled into a lazy phase. I kept coming up with ideas for my blog and kept telling myself I'd get them posted up the next day, but then the next day I'd tell myself I'd post them the next day and then the next day... You get the gist!

I recently returned from a school trip to London and Paris, it was incredible or should I say c'est incroyable! Although that probably isn't even right, I am taking higher French but that's not to say I'm good at it! Just before the school trip, I had my sweet 16th birthday and now I'm on my family holiday, sitting writing this blog whilst gazing out an incredible view. It's an alright life, isn't it?

So today, whilst doing my makeup and rummaging through my makeup bag I realised I had brought with me, on my holiday, quite a few luminescent and glowy products! I have always loved a glowy, dewy face and there's no better a time to experiment with these types of products than summer!

So first off I have probably my most favourite highlighter (although I adore them all)

This is High Beam by Benefit
I love the light, thin liquidy consistincy which easily blends in after application. It adds a lovely dewy glow to the cheekbones, brow bones and my personal favourite with this particular highlighter is to apply it to my cupids bow. It lasts for most of the day, I wouldn't award it the longest wearing highlighter but it definitely stays for a substantial amount of time!

This next highlighter is one of my newest purchases (from Sephora, Champs Élysées, Paris)
This beauty is Albatross by Nars cosmetics. I prefer this highlighter dusted along my brow bone but it adds a lovely sparkle to cheek bones too! It's definitely long lasting and really does add light to the high points of your face! 

Soap and Glory, the queen of powders! This gorgeous powder is 'Glow All Out'. This doesn't quite fit under the 'highlighter' category but it adds radiance and a glow so surely it counts for something, right? Not only is this soft pink perfect for my vampy pale skin but it also does add a beautiful subtle glow when brushed along the apple of your cheeks and cheek bones. It's not often someone as pale as me feels confident enough to wear a blush, but this one adds to my confidence whilst also adding a healthy and radiant glow to my cheeks! It's natural and very pretty, all you ever want in a blush!

Oh look another Benefit product! This here is Benefit's posie tint, a beautiful majestic work of art. Okay so I've definitely pushed the limit here, a cheek and lip stain? I hear you question. Well in my opinion, I feel it does add a slight dewy highlight to my cheeks. This is a personal observation I've made, and everyone's skin differentiates so whether this products does the same for you I don't know but I thought I'd throw it in anway! This again is perfect for us fair skinned people! Not too clownish looking, just the perfect touch of colour and it's such a lovely texture too - always a bonus!

I hope you's all enjoyed this short quick put together post! Hopefully I'll be posting more frequently and I hope to, in the very near future, put up a natural summer look tutorial! As it's my go to for these long hot summer days (or even for the rainy, cold and dreary British summer days). 

I do apologise if the layout of this post doesn't quite look like my other posts usually do, as I'm blogging from the blogger app of my phone and have no idea how this will turn out!

Hope to speak to you's soon, and always remember you can follow me on my social networks (which are usually linked at the side or at the very, very bottom of this web page!) to keep up to date between long awaited blog posts! If you're looking at this on the mobile version my links at the side may not show up so here is my blog Instagram for you to manually type in and follow if you wish to instead: allthingssimplysimple

Have a lovely week,