Wednesday, 31 December 2014

10 ways to make 2015 a healthier and happier year

Goodbye 2014 and a huge hello to 2015!

It's extremely scary to think that already we are saying our goodbyes to 2014 and that a whole other year has flew by. But instead of focusing on our regrets in 2014, or any horrible experiences or occurrences, let's spend the next few days reflecting on the good things. The people you've met, or the people you already knew but have become closer too. The experiences, however small or big they may be, relish in the delight and happiness you felt while experiencing them. Look back on any photo's you snapped during the year and think of your accomplishments. Even if it is something like surviving through your exams or getting a part time job. Maybe it's getting up every morning and seeing through your day. Whatever has been a challenge for you and you've overcame it or worked through it, well done. A humongous well done and you should be so very proud of yourself! Don't dwell on 2014 for too long though, be open to welcoming in the new year and it isn't that big a deal that another one has escaped us. All you can wish for in 2015 is health and happiness and here are some truly simple ways to help make that happen!

1. Less screen time!

Okay, this is ever so slightly hypocritical of me as I can easily waste hours by browsing away on my phone or watching endless episodes of Orange is the New Black but constantly being on electrical devices is so not good for you. You miss so much by being on your phone or iPad or laptop all day. Take some time away from them and go for a walk, read a book, do some crafting, write, think, play a game or entertain siblings! My challenge to you this year is to spend a heck of a lot less time on that phone of yours, because we're all guilty. There's so much to do and see and feel! At first just try switching your phone off for an hour, then challenge yourself by going a whole day. You'll find yourself with so much more time on your hands and your head will feel a lot clearer.
I have linked a very important video below which I urge you all to give a quick watch - then get off your phones ;)

(for anyone reading this on their phones or who are unable to see the video; at the very, very end I'll leave URL links to all videos)

2. Gratitude and Thankfulness

So I often used to find myself feeling disappointed or let down after events or special days because I would hype myself up or get caught up in all the commercialised ideas and excitement that society or the media create. If I'm not making too much sense to you yet, let me explain further. Sometimes we build ourselves up so big for a day (such as birthdays, Christmas, New Years eve and day) that we feel disappointed if it doesn't go exactly how we had planned or thought out. What we need to do is just live in the now, and go with the flow. Feel what you want to feel on your birthday or Christmas and do what you want to do. If you want to sit in on New Year's eve by yourself or with family and bring in the new year with a sleepy smile and some tired hugs then that's absolutely fine, on the contrary if you want to go out to some huge party that's also perfectly okay. Or like someone I know, if you want to go to bed like normal and sleep through the bells then again, you guessed it, that's a-okay! Don't be so hard on yourself to act a certain way, just accept the day and be thankful and grateful for getting to experience it.

3. Positive thinking

My last blog post goes into a little more depth about this so be sure to check it out if you are interested, just click here. The way you think can effect you and your life tremendously and that's why it's so important to have happy thoughts and to be kind to yourself. If you want a good year then you are going to have to have a huge clear out and give the negative thoughts the boot!

4. Clean and tidy

This might sound like some ploy a parent would come up with but I swear this genuinely helps! To create a positive and flowing energy, you first need to clear out all that stagnant and static energy. This has a lot to do with your environment and home, Have a huge clear out, set aside a day and go through your room, section by section (so as not to overwhelm yourself). Be ruthless and brutal and only keep what you really love or use, There's no use keeping birthday cards from your birthday five years ago, or keeping a top which is age 8 just because it makes you feel nostalgic. Get rid of any primary school work books or artwork - if you must, select a few to keep. Don't keep those shredded and tattered shoes, or that stained top or that item of clothing that you keep telling yourself that you'll find somewhere to wear it too. No to that book that is aimed at five year olds, No to the make up which is surely out of date. No, no, no. Anything that is in good condition, tie up in a black bag and send it off to a charity that has some meaning to you. Anything else throw it into the bin and feel a weight lifted of your shoulders. Then change your bed sheets, dust all surfaces, quickly hoover and voila! You will have the best nights sleep EVER. Now you just have to keep it tidy throughout the year, eek!

5. Juices

Always on a Sunday morning my dad would lug out our huge, hefty juicer. He'd plug it in, chop up some selected fruit and veg then turn that bad boy on. And boy was it noisy. I'm pretty sure the whole of my town could hear that juicer - but despite its noisiness and the fact it took you about a day to clean it, the juices were in fact amazing and full of much needed energy. I'd always feel so refreshed after them. As much as ginger or spinach or carrot or cucumber sounds disgusting in a juice or smoothie it's actually very tasty indeed. My family are now very fortunate indeed to possess a nutri bullet. The king of juicers. My mum bought it a few days ago as a present to herself and already we are all very much in love. It's so easy to quickly blend yourself a juice, rinse out the nutri bullet cup and be on your way! There's different recipes for juices which do different things such as; weight loss juices, skin clearing juices, before and after work out juices and plenty, plenty more! Starting to drink healthy juices daily or regularly can help you physically and  mentally. The vitamins and nutrient from these healthy juices help your WHOLE system, from your skin to your organs to your hormones, all benefit. It'll even improve your mood and energy. If your lazy like me and sometimes can't bring yourself to eat fruit or veg, then blending it all together to drink is a lot easier and requires minimum effort.

6. Money

Okay, so this one may be a little harder. With your money this year, whether it's pay from your job or pocket money, be more wise and aware. Before you purchase something, ask yourself; do you really need it or are you just buying something because you have money to spend? Why not set some money aside and I'm sure your future self will be very thankful indeed, whether you do just go on a huge shopping spree in the end, it will feel a lot more satisfactory. Another tip is to stop telling yourself that you don't have enough money, putting that negative energy out into the universe is only going to reflect badly. Unfortunately there is no magic money fairy, who if hears your positive thoughts about money, will grant you with more but you will feel a lot better. Remind yourself that you're financially okay.

7. Music

Music is such a good way to lift and lighten your mood. After a tough day come home and blare some happy music or lie in your bed with earphones and put on your favourite album or song on repeat. Music is such a good way to change your mood and help you relax.

8. Find a hobby 

Considering we'll all be spending a lot less time on our phones and laptops then we'll all suddenly have a lot more spare time. Instead of sitting about like lemons, it only makes sense to pick up a new hobby or past time. Albeit learning a new instrument, starting up an art or starting a sport, don't hesitate to start. Putting time, effort and passion into something will be extremely beneficiary and satisfactory for you.

9. It's okay to be sad

Although you of course ultimately want to be happy during this year, you are only human and therefore it is completely expected and normal to get sad sometimes. Whether there's a reason behind it or not we all have those days where we feel down. Don't be angry at yourself for not being happy and upbeat and certainly don't feel guilty for not being 'fun' around your friends or family that day. Just accept that your feeling sad and it will feel a lot easier to deal with. And if you need a good ol' cry then go for that too! There are actually stress hormones released in your tear drops when you cry so crying genuinely does help. If you don't have plans on the day your feeling sad then do something you love, whether that's going back to bed with a cup of tea and watching movies or going out a walk or going over to someone's house for company, then do it. Be kind to yourself and get lots of rest then the next day you should feel a lot better! If you continue to keep feeling unexplainable sadness for long periods of time then maybe you should consider booking yourself an appointment with your GP or speaking to someone about it.

10. Say yes more

There used to be a time where I would say yes to ever opportunity I could. I wouldn't overwhelm myself thought but I stopped over-analysing every opportunity and chance thrown my way. And for a long time I was so active and busy, but I was content and happy, I never felt like my days were overcrowded and I was making so many new experiences. Unfortunately as of late my anxiety has come back in full force and even going out for a simple day shopping with friends has been hard for me. It's upsetting to go from being up for anything to retreating into my shell again. So number 10 is a bit more personal but I thought there was no harm in sharing it with you. Be less unsure of things and seize any opportunities you can. Don't tell yourself you'll do something 'later' or 'eventually', do it now! Because although it's a horrible thought to think, and never something you should dwell on, we won't be here forever, none of us truly know if we'll even be here tomorrow so live your life to the fullest you can and stop telling yourself that you'll eventually do things. The more you are open to opportunities the more that will come your way and then you'll be spoiled for choice! Take your pick and make sure you do lot's and lot's of smiling and laughing.

And now this concludes my ten ways into helping make your year happier and healthier. I've left two videos down below which are very inspiring and motivational also. Take each day as it comes and don't take yourself too seriously. Love as much as you can and don't be afraid to accept love either. Create yourself, invest time in yourself. Do things that make your stomach flutter and heart swell with contentedness.

Goodbye my lovelies and I wish you the happiest and most joyous year yet,

URL links for phone users or anyone who can't see the videos:
(just copy and paste into your browser)

fist video about less screen time and giving presence:

second video about doing things now, and living life in present:

third video about creating and becoming yourself:

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Favourite Highlighters

It's been a long time m'lovlies and I'm not too sure why. Exams and revision played a big part in kidnapping me and disconnecting me from my blog but apart from that I guess I lulled into a lazy phase. I kept coming up with ideas for my blog and kept telling myself I'd get them posted up the next day, but then the next day I'd tell myself I'd post them the next day and then the next day... You get the gist!

I recently returned from a school trip to London and Paris, it was incredible or should I say c'est incroyable! Although that probably isn't even right, I am taking higher French but that's not to say I'm good at it! Just before the school trip, I had my sweet 16th birthday and now I'm on my family holiday, sitting writing this blog whilst gazing out an incredible view. It's an alright life, isn't it?

So today, whilst doing my makeup and rummaging through my makeup bag I realised I had brought with me, on my holiday, quite a few luminescent and glowy products! I have always loved a glowy, dewy face and there's no better a time to experiment with these types of products than summer!

So first off I have probably my most favourite highlighter (although I adore them all)

This is High Beam by Benefit
I love the light, thin liquidy consistincy which easily blends in after application. It adds a lovely dewy glow to the cheekbones, brow bones and my personal favourite with this particular highlighter is to apply it to my cupids bow. It lasts for most of the day, I wouldn't award it the longest wearing highlighter but it definitely stays for a substantial amount of time!

This next highlighter is one of my newest purchases (from Sephora, Champs Élysées, Paris)
This beauty is Albatross by Nars cosmetics. I prefer this highlighter dusted along my brow bone but it adds a lovely sparkle to cheek bones too! It's definitely long lasting and really does add light to the high points of your face! 

Soap and Glory, the queen of powders! This gorgeous powder is 'Glow All Out'. This doesn't quite fit under the 'highlighter' category but it adds radiance and a glow so surely it counts for something, right? Not only is this soft pink perfect for my vampy pale skin but it also does add a beautiful subtle glow when brushed along the apple of your cheeks and cheek bones. It's not often someone as pale as me feels confident enough to wear a blush, but this one adds to my confidence whilst also adding a healthy and radiant glow to my cheeks! It's natural and very pretty, all you ever want in a blush!

Oh look another Benefit product! This here is Benefit's posie tint, a beautiful majestic work of art. Okay so I've definitely pushed the limit here, a cheek and lip stain? I hear you question. Well in my opinion, I feel it does add a slight dewy highlight to my cheeks. This is a personal observation I've made, and everyone's skin differentiates so whether this products does the same for you I don't know but I thought I'd throw it in anway! This again is perfect for us fair skinned people! Not too clownish looking, just the perfect touch of colour and it's such a lovely texture too - always a bonus!

I hope you's all enjoyed this short quick put together post! Hopefully I'll be posting more frequently and I hope to, in the very near future, put up a natural summer look tutorial! As it's my go to for these long hot summer days (or even for the rainy, cold and dreary British summer days). 

I do apologise if the layout of this post doesn't quite look like my other posts usually do, as I'm blogging from the blogger app of my phone and have no idea how this will turn out!

Hope to speak to you's soon, and always remember you can follow me on my social networks (which are usually linked at the side or at the very, very bottom of this web page!) to keep up to date between long awaited blog posts! If you're looking at this on the mobile version my links at the side may not show up so here is my blog Instagram for you to manually type in and follow if you wish to instead: allthingssimplysimple

Have a lovely week,

Monday, 17 February 2014

Lip Colours

I realized that there is mainly three categories for lip colours; Nudes, Pinks and Bold colours so I decided to show my favourite combination for each 'category' and how I like to mix products to get the perfect colours!


First up is my nude lip, I love a nude lip on a everyday basis. It's simple and easy and provides a little more excitement around your lips but without noticeably screaming out that you have a lipstick on. Contradicting what I've just said, the nude I've chosen today is quite dark but still somehow appears natural and sophisticated.

First I apply Avon's Lip Liner Glimmerstick in 'Mystery Mauve'

When I have filled in my lips with the lip liner, I apply Lancome's Colour Fever Lipstick in shade 216 on top

Lastly I pop Lancome's juicy tube in shade 22, to finish off the look

And tah dah! That's the 'nude' and 'natural' look finished!

Pink and Flirty

Next up is the pink lip. This is my personal favourite lip colour. I can easily wear this to school and work. If I ever just want a little bit more colour to add to my dull lips then this instantly brightens them up and sweetens my look.

For this look I don't feel the need to use a lipliner, but of course if you would like to then go ahead and apply that first. For me I start straight away with the lipstick. The combination that I've been obsessed lately are these two products below, they have been my holy grail recently.

Here I'm applying Revlon's Colourburst Lip Butter in the shade 090 Sweet Tart. This is such a beautiful colour and really compliments my fair skin.

And what I've found has been the perfect lip gloss for this lip butter is Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss in the shade 12 Pink Afterglow. 

Bold and Feisty

A bold and loud lip colour is perfect for parties or any night time event you may be attending. I love to wear a bright lip colour if I've not got much time to get ready or if I'm too tired to do a intricate eye shadow look. Wearing a bold lip colour instantly makes it look like you've put in the time and effort even if it's only that and a little bit of concealer that you're wearing. So for me, who may as well be crowned the Queen of lateness, this is perfect for those times when I'm to look presentable but have slept in (as usual).

For a bold lipstick I feel that you always need a lip liner, just to keep it contained on to your lips and not to allow it to go walkies all over your face. So here I start by outlining then filling in my lips with Maybelline's Colorsensational lip liner in the shade 547 'Pleasure Me Red' 

Rimmel's Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade 111 'Kiss of Life' is the perfect bright red and this lipstick lasts forever. I wore it on christmas day and despite me eating for the whole day, at night the colour was still evidently there, it hadn't budged from my lips at all.

I think for a bold colour it's quite nice to keep it matte, it adds to the effect. But if I felt I wanted the lip slightly more casual I would probably add Elf's Hypershine Gloss in D17 'Vixen' to give add that glistened look.

Here are all the products I used for these three looks:

Nude and Natural

Pink and Flirty

Bold and Feisty

Thank you for reading m'lovlies and remember any questions you have don't hesitate to ask below! And let me know which is your favourite look from above :) 
Stay lovely, 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review


Recently Avon launched their new mascara; Mega Effects Mascara. I was instantly intrigued by it because first of all the packaging is unlike any other mascara I've seen on the market. It's a short, small and flat tube unlike the usual tall, skinny and round tubes. Although it is a lot smaller than other mascaras, it holds 9ml which on average is the amount of mascara regular tubes hold. 

Another thing which is original and unique about this mascara is the handle. It has a thumb indented grip and it can bend backwards and forwards so it fits just right in your hand. 

The mascara brush is completely different to what I've ever seen. It is flat and only has bristles on the very end of the brush, unlike the usual mascara wands in which have bristles completely covering it. The bottom of the tube has bristles which vacuum pack the brush in, having such a tight opening is supposed to stop the mascara from drying out as it hardly lets anything past it. 

For application the brush is not used so it applies the mascara horizontally, instead you use the brush to apply the mascara vertically which allows each and every eyelash to be coated. 

The Result and Overview

The mascara does a great job in lengthening the eyelashes, although it lacks in the volumizing department. I feel that the brush picks up a lot of product, so I prefer to only apply one coat (which is all you only really need) otherwise your eyelashes become clumpy. 
I do prefer the brush applicator in comparison to normal mascara wands as it captures every single eyelash, even the teeny weeny ones and lengthens them so much so, that they are no longer teeny weeny. The brush is also perfect for the bottom eyelashes, that's what I especially like about it. Because it can bend, you can angle it to a certain position which allows you to coat the lower lashes without getting the mascara imprinting on your skin. 
The packaging (the shape and size of the tube) I like as it is small and compact and takes up a lot less room in my makeup bag. You could easily slip this into your bag and as its more bulkier it feels more protected. The vacuum seal 'keeps the product from drying out' I don't know if this quote will follow through or not as I haven't had the product long enough for it to start drying out but it seems like it could be true as the seal is so secure. The only problem with it being so tight though, is that you have to tug quite hard on the applicator to get it out.

Overall, I would recommend this mascara to a friend as it truly lengthens the eyelashes and does a good job in separating them. The mascara is sold at 10 pounds and I believe that that is a reasonable price for what the product does. You can purchase the mascara from a Avon catalogue or if you don't have a Avon representative nearby their website is
For anyone who lives close by Musselburgh, Scotland and is looking for a Avon Representative then my sister, Robyn has recently started working as a Avon Representative. Definitely check out her facebook page and feel free to ask her any of your questions on products or ordering and delivery.

Thanks for reading,
Stay Lovely, 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Baby Lips - The Hype

Baby Lips, Are They Worth The Hype?

Baby Lips, a product from the make-up brand Maybelline has been what everyone's talking about in the beauty world lately. After watching and reading review after review on the product, I had to of course try it out for myself. People were gushing about the product, something in which I just couldn't understand, I mean it's just a lip balm, right? What could be so special?
I was out shopping with my friend when we wandered into Boots, a shop that's a must to visit when out and about. We were checking out the Maybelline counter (Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands) when we noticed a deal on Babylips; buy one get the second half price. Me and my friend both picked one up and split the total cost. Now I was going to find out what all the hype was about for myself.

I picked up my Baby Lips in the colour 'Cherry Me'. Not only was the packaging orange, my favourite
colour but it was also in the scent cherry, you 
guessed it, my favourite scent. My friend decided on 'Pink Punch' a lovely pink, giving a sheer pink tinge to the lips. Out of all the tinted Baby Lips I'd definitely say 'Cherry Me' has the best colour pay off. It gives a rich dark pink/red colour to the lips and stays visible for the most part of the day.

Swatch of 'Cherry Me'
As soon as I came home from shopping I took of my lip stain that I had been wearing that day and applied my Baby Lips. I was pleasantly surprised by the fruit cherry scent. As I applied the lip balm to my lips it was luxurious! The product is so soft and creamy leaving my lips to feel like feathers. If the moisturizing side to the product wasn't enough my lips now had a dark cherry colour to them, not to bold but not subtle at all either.
I was so happy with my first application but wasn't about to rave about them just yet, it still had to go through another test; how long it lasted.

To give you a clear understanding of how long my Baby Lips lasted I'll give you an example. School lasts seven hours. I applied my baby lips in the morning along with my daily make-up routine. I popped the lip balm in my bag and headed of to school. Keeping a close eye on my lips I only noticed colour starting to fade after lunch, so that's a whole five hours before I had to re-apply. And only the colour had gone, my lips were still fully moisturized. I was very impressed as it had held through many drinks of water from my bottle and a snack at break.

The Verdict
For £2.99 these lip balm tints are a bargain and a must have! I now fully understand why the beauty community hasn't stopped talking about this product. Maybelline have yet again produced a high quality yet affordable product which gives a high pay-off colour to the lips whilst hydrating and moisturizing them. The packaging is sleek and simple with well thought out complimentary colours.

If you are looking to buy some Baby Lips in the near future and live in the UK, definitely check out Boots buy one get the second one half price deal which is currently still on or if their isn't a Boots near you check out Superdrug who are now sporting the exact same deal!

Leave your thoughts on the product below!

Camera used: Fujifilm digital camera FinePix S3200

Friday, 27 September 2013

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Now I'm going to be honest, for the longest time I didn't clean my make-up brushes. I didn't think it really mattered and everyone had brush cleaning spray, something that I just couldn't afford. I tried making my own brush cleaner following a YouTube tutorial but the mixture went of within days and all I was left with was slightly weird smelling brushes and a mouldy bottle. 
Surprisingly, only very recently have I finally found a formula and technique that is simple and that I'm happy with. Not only is it easy but it takes next to no time to follow through.

What You'll Need
  • Olive Oil
  • Washing-Up Liquid (or another soap/cleaning product. Even shampoo works!)
  • A paper plate or cardboard square
  • Tissue/Napkin or Towel
  • Dirty brushes
  • Water
  • Your hands
The Steps

1. Firstly you need to make sure you have a collection of dirty brushes.

2. Next grab a paper plate, or if you're like me and have none in the house today grab a cardboard packaging from the recycling and lay a napkin on top. I've also placed the cardboard on top of a tray so if any product does seep through I can easily wipe it away.

3. Now you need to gather your ingredients together! I use Fairy washing-up liquid and a olive oil. The brand doesn't matter as long as you have a soap or washing up liquid and a olive oil included. The washing-up liquid/soap cleans away the dirt from the brush leaving it clean, the olive oil insures that the glue that holds the brush bristles to the handle of the brush stays intact. 

4. Now all you want to do is dip your brush in both the cleaning product of your choice and olive oil.


5. To clean the brush, the technique that I use and find that works best is to sweep the brush up and down the palm of your hand. This works the mixture right into the brushes bristles, insuring it's cleaned thoroughly. It's also satisfying watching all the product come away.

6. Now find yourself a tap and rinse through the bristles, circling and sweeping the brush across your palm like above. You'll know your brush is completely clean by squeezing the brush. If the water that oozes out is clear then your brush is ready for Step 7, if the water is tinted or dirty then keep the brush under the tap for a while longer. 

7. Lastly all you have to do is set your brush gently down on a tissue or towel. I find it easier to use a tissue as it is easier to dispose of. A little tip to get your brushes to dry quicker is to flick the brush bristles or thwack it against your hand. My brushes are usually completely dry within a hour, an hour and a half at the most!

It's so incredibly important to clean your brushes, especially face brushes used to apply foundation, concealer or powder. Every face has a layer of bacteria, no matter how many times you wash it. When the brush is applying a product it picks up the dirt and oil from your face and sticks to the bristles. If you don't clean your brush the next time it touches your face all it is doing is adding back bacteria to your face. This is usually the reason why you can break out into spots, definitely try and wash your face brushes at least once a week thoroughly!

Thank you for reading and I hope this post has helped you!

Camera used: Fujifilm digital camera FinePix S3200