Wednesday, 31 December 2014

10 ways to make 2015 a healthier and happier year

Goodbye 2014 and a huge hello to 2015!

It's extremely scary to think that already we are saying our goodbyes to 2014 and that a whole other year has flew by. But instead of focusing on our regrets in 2014, or any horrible experiences or occurrences, let's spend the next few days reflecting on the good things. The people you've met, or the people you already knew but have become closer too. The experiences, however small or big they may be, relish in the delight and happiness you felt while experiencing them. Look back on any photo's you snapped during the year and think of your accomplishments. Even if it is something like surviving through your exams or getting a part time job. Maybe it's getting up every morning and seeing through your day. Whatever has been a challenge for you and you've overcame it or worked through it, well done. A humongous well done and you should be so very proud of yourself! Don't dwell on 2014 for too long though, be open to welcoming in the new year and it isn't that big a deal that another one has escaped us. All you can wish for in 2015 is health and happiness and here are some truly simple ways to help make that happen!

1. Less screen time!

Okay, this is ever so slightly hypocritical of me as I can easily waste hours by browsing away on my phone or watching endless episodes of Orange is the New Black but constantly being on electrical devices is so not good for you. You miss so much by being on your phone or iPad or laptop all day. Take some time away from them and go for a walk, read a book, do some crafting, write, think, play a game or entertain siblings! My challenge to you this year is to spend a heck of a lot less time on that phone of yours, because we're all guilty. There's so much to do and see and feel! At first just try switching your phone off for an hour, then challenge yourself by going a whole day. You'll find yourself with so much more time on your hands and your head will feel a lot clearer.
I have linked a very important video below which I urge you all to give a quick watch - then get off your phones ;)

(for anyone reading this on their phones or who are unable to see the video; at the very, very end I'll leave URL links to all videos)

2. Gratitude and Thankfulness

So I often used to find myself feeling disappointed or let down after events or special days because I would hype myself up or get caught up in all the commercialised ideas and excitement that society or the media create. If I'm not making too much sense to you yet, let me explain further. Sometimes we build ourselves up so big for a day (such as birthdays, Christmas, New Years eve and day) that we feel disappointed if it doesn't go exactly how we had planned or thought out. What we need to do is just live in the now, and go with the flow. Feel what you want to feel on your birthday or Christmas and do what you want to do. If you want to sit in on New Year's eve by yourself or with family and bring in the new year with a sleepy smile and some tired hugs then that's absolutely fine, on the contrary if you want to go out to some huge party that's also perfectly okay. Or like someone I know, if you want to go to bed like normal and sleep through the bells then again, you guessed it, that's a-okay! Don't be so hard on yourself to act a certain way, just accept the day and be thankful and grateful for getting to experience it.

3. Positive thinking

My last blog post goes into a little more depth about this so be sure to check it out if you are interested, just click here. The way you think can effect you and your life tremendously and that's why it's so important to have happy thoughts and to be kind to yourself. If you want a good year then you are going to have to have a huge clear out and give the negative thoughts the boot!

4. Clean and tidy

This might sound like some ploy a parent would come up with but I swear this genuinely helps! To create a positive and flowing energy, you first need to clear out all that stagnant and static energy. This has a lot to do with your environment and home, Have a huge clear out, set aside a day and go through your room, section by section (so as not to overwhelm yourself). Be ruthless and brutal and only keep what you really love or use, There's no use keeping birthday cards from your birthday five years ago, or keeping a top which is age 8 just because it makes you feel nostalgic. Get rid of any primary school work books or artwork - if you must, select a few to keep. Don't keep those shredded and tattered shoes, or that stained top or that item of clothing that you keep telling yourself that you'll find somewhere to wear it too. No to that book that is aimed at five year olds, No to the make up which is surely out of date. No, no, no. Anything that is in good condition, tie up in a black bag and send it off to a charity that has some meaning to you. Anything else throw it into the bin and feel a weight lifted of your shoulders. Then change your bed sheets, dust all surfaces, quickly hoover and voila! You will have the best nights sleep EVER. Now you just have to keep it tidy throughout the year, eek!

5. Juices

Always on a Sunday morning my dad would lug out our huge, hefty juicer. He'd plug it in, chop up some selected fruit and veg then turn that bad boy on. And boy was it noisy. I'm pretty sure the whole of my town could hear that juicer - but despite its noisiness and the fact it took you about a day to clean it, the juices were in fact amazing and full of much needed energy. I'd always feel so refreshed after them. As much as ginger or spinach or carrot or cucumber sounds disgusting in a juice or smoothie it's actually very tasty indeed. My family are now very fortunate indeed to possess a nutri bullet. The king of juicers. My mum bought it a few days ago as a present to herself and already we are all very much in love. It's so easy to quickly blend yourself a juice, rinse out the nutri bullet cup and be on your way! There's different recipes for juices which do different things such as; weight loss juices, skin clearing juices, before and after work out juices and plenty, plenty more! Starting to drink healthy juices daily or regularly can help you physically and  mentally. The vitamins and nutrient from these healthy juices help your WHOLE system, from your skin to your organs to your hormones, all benefit. It'll even improve your mood and energy. If your lazy like me and sometimes can't bring yourself to eat fruit or veg, then blending it all together to drink is a lot easier and requires minimum effort.

6. Money

Okay, so this one may be a little harder. With your money this year, whether it's pay from your job or pocket money, be more wise and aware. Before you purchase something, ask yourself; do you really need it or are you just buying something because you have money to spend? Why not set some money aside and I'm sure your future self will be very thankful indeed, whether you do just go on a huge shopping spree in the end, it will feel a lot more satisfactory. Another tip is to stop telling yourself that you don't have enough money, putting that negative energy out into the universe is only going to reflect badly. Unfortunately there is no magic money fairy, who if hears your positive thoughts about money, will grant you with more but you will feel a lot better. Remind yourself that you're financially okay.

7. Music

Music is such a good way to lift and lighten your mood. After a tough day come home and blare some happy music or lie in your bed with earphones and put on your favourite album or song on repeat. Music is such a good way to change your mood and help you relax.

8. Find a hobby 

Considering we'll all be spending a lot less time on our phones and laptops then we'll all suddenly have a lot more spare time. Instead of sitting about like lemons, it only makes sense to pick up a new hobby or past time. Albeit learning a new instrument, starting up an art or starting a sport, don't hesitate to start. Putting time, effort and passion into something will be extremely beneficiary and satisfactory for you.

9. It's okay to be sad

Although you of course ultimately want to be happy during this year, you are only human and therefore it is completely expected and normal to get sad sometimes. Whether there's a reason behind it or not we all have those days where we feel down. Don't be angry at yourself for not being happy and upbeat and certainly don't feel guilty for not being 'fun' around your friends or family that day. Just accept that your feeling sad and it will feel a lot easier to deal with. And if you need a good ol' cry then go for that too! There are actually stress hormones released in your tear drops when you cry so crying genuinely does help. If you don't have plans on the day your feeling sad then do something you love, whether that's going back to bed with a cup of tea and watching movies or going out a walk or going over to someone's house for company, then do it. Be kind to yourself and get lots of rest then the next day you should feel a lot better! If you continue to keep feeling unexplainable sadness for long periods of time then maybe you should consider booking yourself an appointment with your GP or speaking to someone about it.

10. Say yes more

There used to be a time where I would say yes to ever opportunity I could. I wouldn't overwhelm myself thought but I stopped over-analysing every opportunity and chance thrown my way. And for a long time I was so active and busy, but I was content and happy, I never felt like my days were overcrowded and I was making so many new experiences. Unfortunately as of late my anxiety has come back in full force and even going out for a simple day shopping with friends has been hard for me. It's upsetting to go from being up for anything to retreating into my shell again. So number 10 is a bit more personal but I thought there was no harm in sharing it with you. Be less unsure of things and seize any opportunities you can. Don't tell yourself you'll do something 'later' or 'eventually', do it now! Because although it's a horrible thought to think, and never something you should dwell on, we won't be here forever, none of us truly know if we'll even be here tomorrow so live your life to the fullest you can and stop telling yourself that you'll eventually do things. The more you are open to opportunities the more that will come your way and then you'll be spoiled for choice! Take your pick and make sure you do lot's and lot's of smiling and laughing.

And now this concludes my ten ways into helping make your year happier and healthier. I've left two videos down below which are very inspiring and motivational also. Take each day as it comes and don't take yourself too seriously. Love as much as you can and don't be afraid to accept love either. Create yourself, invest time in yourself. Do things that make your stomach flutter and heart swell with contentedness.

Goodbye my lovelies and I wish you the happiest and most joyous year yet,

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fist video about less screen time and giving presence:

second video about doing things now, and living life in present:

third video about creating and becoming yourself: